Why embracing alternative health insurance sources for basic medical attention makes sense

Why embracing alternative health insurance sources for basic medical attention makes sense

Employers have long understood that offering group health insurance maintains a happy and stable work force. Enter Obamacare, as the ACA law is known, the math for health coverage has changed for insured and non-insured alike.

The doctor visit care $$ cost gap has widened

Getting basic medical attention for a family remains important, but an out of reach expense for many employees even with health insurance.

“Eight out of ten employees with individual coverage will end up having to pay out more than $1,300.00 before their insurance will begin to cover their medical expenses. ” – Kaiser Foundation.

Often health visits are avoided because of cost. It’s the proverbial “can” being kicked down the road.

Sick days spent in or out of the work place greatly impacts business, family

“The U.S. economy spends an estimated $84 billion on sick days annually, yet nearly 90 percent of employees still go to work when they’re sick. While a doctor visit can be inconvenient and costly, the decision to go to work sick results in the spread of germs to others, more sick employees, a less productive workplace and higher company costs to compensate.” – healthcare.gov

Alternatives to health insurance can save thousands and create a happy and stable work force

OnlineDoctoRx.com is not an insurance plan. It’s an employer subscription membership model. It uses
telehealth and saves hundreds of dollars a year in out of pocket expenses.

“As many as 70 percent of all doctor visits could potentially be handled over the phone, lap top, diagnosing and treating common health issues such as colds, flus, respiratory infections, allergies, pink eye, headaches, stomach aches, asthma and more.” – American Medical Association.

It’s easy to engage, easy to administer, easy to manage…and affordable. Member employers offer unlimited telemedicine sick visits anytime, anywhere for an entire family for less than $250 per year.